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Pax Dei Trio

“Your ensemble was truly celestial—extraordinary musically and spiritually. There were many times during your concert that I could feel God’s touch. Maybe you are really angels in human clothing. Perhaps we all have that potential---but you were angels last night! Thank you!”

The Pax Dei Trio is a music ensemble blending the celestial sounds of harp, flute, and soprano voice. This harmonious blend inspires and calms the soul.

Shannon Wise - Soprano, Gail Hambleton- Flute, and Jaime Schermer - Harp, are all classically trained musicians performing classical, celtic, popular, and sacred music. The combination of voice, flute, and harp is rare, so Pax Dei arranges their music to fit the ensemble. Wise's lyrical soprano voice communicates the intentions of the composer and the emotions of the songs while Hambleton's flute emulates the expressive nuances of  the human voice. Schermer's harp enhances the treble lines of the voice and flute, giving a rich, resonant foundation to the ensemble.

The musicians of Pax Dei were originally brought together under the common interest of raising funds for orphans through music concerts. They enjoyed playing together and were so inspired by their combination of sounds that they decided to create a professional performing ensemble, offering their music to others.

The Pax Dei Trio is available to perform for concerts, weddings, receptions, and special events in the northern Virginia and Washington DC metro area. Although Pax Dei is a trio, the musicians of Pax Dei are also available as soloists or as a flute/harp or voice/harp duo. Contact Pax Dei to schedule a performance or to request more information.


Pax Dei means "The Peace of God", and that is a feeling we all experience when we make music together. We hope that listeners will be able to experience the Peace of God through the music we create as well.

The spirit of peace is also the foundation for Pax Dei's mission, which is to contribute a portion of our earnings to the peacekeeping efforts of Families for Children, a non-profit group that provides sponsorship and assistance to orphans in Nepal. We are all three mothers, and have a special place in our hearts for children in need. Through our support of this organization, we hope to educate others about Families for Children, and use our music to improve the lives of children across the world.

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