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Families for Children: Global Orphan Outreach

Families4Children is a sponsorship program connecting families in the USA with orphans in Nepal. "Peace Children's Home" is located in Sarlahi, a remote district in Nepal, run by the Nepalese Chapter of "Service for Peace," an international NGO. There are 35 children in the Home.

Nepal is the 12th poorest country in the world and there is not enough infrastructure within the country to solve their orphan crisis. Nepal underwent over a decade of conflict which resulted in more than 16,000 deaths, and tens of thoughsands of people maimed and helpless. Children have been displaced from their hometown residence, "and about 8,000 children have lost their parents and immediate relatives in the conflict" (Child Workers in Nepal, CWIN, 2005).

Through Families4Children, American families are given the opportunity to sponsor one of the orphans in Peace Children Home for a mere $30 per month. This offering will provide food, shelter, care, and private school fees for the orphans in Peace Children Home. Each family will receive a picture and history of one of the children, and letters and pictures can go freely back and forth, translated by our Nepalese friends in Virginia.

This orphanage is very unique in that these children were gathered together with reconciliation in mind. The majority of the children have lost their fathers, and their mothers are unable to care for them. Whether their father was killed by insurgents or government forces, the children are taught to love and respect one another.

This sponsorship program enables these children to feel loved and cared for by their global family, and in turn will create bonds of love, and bridges of understanding between families in America and the children of Nepal.

If you would like to sponsor a child or make a tax deductible donation to support the orphanage, please contact the Project Director, Gail Paine, at

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